Disaster Recovery Planning

Testing & Backup Services for Disaster Recovery

We provide professional IT disaster recovery services to minimise damage. With seven years of experience, we’ve helped companies like yours cope with the worst scenarios. Our disaster recovery, testing, and backup services are always there to help you when you need us most. Data is created and managed by all businesses, regardless of their size.
Your business cannot operate without this data; if lost, it could shut down for a long time. Various factors can cause data loss, including natural disasters, viruses, hackers, hardware failures, or human error.
Even though backups are still a good practice, they often only prove helpful when restoring certain files. An IT Disaster Recovery Plan protects and ultimately recovers your entire IT environment through a set of procedures.
It is important to develop a Disaster Recovery plan to understand what would happen if the lights went out. It is also important to ensure your business’s and your clients’ security. Besides reducing downtime, it provides the reliability of backup systems and reduces liability if a client’s data is lost or stolen.
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