GMP & HACCP Cleaning

GMP cleaning encompasses the standardised procedures and protocols designed for cleaning biopharma facilities to ensure consistent production and control of products to meet quality standards. These standards are crucial for facilities involved in the manufacturing, testing, or storage of drugs, as even minor contamination can affect product efficacy or pose risks to patients. Due to their handling of biological materials, biopharma facilities are particularly vulnerable to microbial contamination, underscoring the importance of GMP cleaning.

GMP includes strict and extensive cleaning processes that surpass standard high-grade cleaning practices. Thorough documentation and regular audits ensure rigorous training and adherence to expertly crafted protocols.

We offer production cleaning services to numerous manufacturers.

Our GMP-certified cleaning team is backed by the industry’s top trainers and operational field experts, ensuring our cleaning processes effectively remove particles from critical areas without redistributing them to other surfaces.

With extensive experience in this specialised field, GSS Group ensures that your products are produced in a meticulously controlled environment maintained according to GMP standards. Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical, medical device, food and beverage, or any other high-tech manufacturing industry, GMP cleaning requires meticulous attention to detail.

Cleaning in these settings involves thorough training to prevent contamination, ensuring that facilities remain operational, safe, productive, and meet quality standards.